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Why does my plant suddenly have a Side Shave? 😫
😭 My Melaco lost all her leaves on one side today, suddenly. Like dominos they fell 😳
The app said water in 6 days, so I’m guessing I accidentally marked them as watered before? I gave them a good #ButtChug and they soaked up all that water. The thing is, I check the leaves every day or two. Could there be another reason? Why just one side?

They were getting lots of light and the other plants are doing fine (3rd pic.) If light was the issue, I would think the more shaded side in the back would shed. 🤷‍♀️

Also, how can I check her progress pictures on the new update? #GregFeedback

#SucculentSquad #SucculentLove #Succulents #lovesuccs #help
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
There are more updates for this, I'm pretty sure. For now, if all the stars align and the weather is good and everything is right in the world (and everything works the way it's supposed to work), you can click on one of your plant moments and see pictures in which you've tagged that plant. 🤞

It doesn't always work for me, I'm assuming it's user error. But there are a few plants that have months of pictures collected in the moment.

As for your beautiful succulent - I have NO idea! 🥺 I'm sorry I can't be helpful there.
Hey Jeanne! Progress photos are coming back as part of the Timeline & Gallery feature! It will make it much easier to browse your past moments and see them all in chronological order with your watering history.

Generally sudden leaf drop in succulents comes from overwatering, but the leaves look pretty firm. How does the soil feel?
I water all my succulents in about a two week difference, I dont think 6 days is accurate unless you have them outside in very intense heat
@Kiersten It’s been very dry in here past 2wks. The soil was dry as a bone (moisture meter didn’t move) but not for very long. I’m wondering if it felt crowded since it was the interior leaves? And all the others on the same plant feel firm. So strange 🤷‍♀️
@NimbleMistystar I agree. Same with my single succs. But this one tends to need more since there are 4 plants together. And it’s under grow lights.
#buttchug 🤦🏼‍♀️ anyone else looking funny? Spots? Discoloration? My giant Enoch just did that. Just fell apart and went black. Not root rot. What do her leaves look like that fell? What is that under the shelf?
Mine died within two weeks I bought another mixed plants same day They’re beautiful I’m certainly going to tell her about it when Green house opens I haven’t lost a plant Cat murdered some I’m having a time with her and the pupS chihuahuas Are they plant killers They’re brats for sure 

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