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Pothos is not growing.

Iโ€™ve had this pothos for at least a year and itโ€™s not grown at all! I havenโ€™t been the best at regular watering but not horribly neglectful. I just repotted it two weeks ago into a slightly larger, cuter pot and was shocked that itโ€™s root system was almost non existent! I didnโ€™t think to take pictures (I didnโ€™t know apps like this existed!) but it only had one single root about 2 inches long, 1/2 cm wide, with maybe one or two hair like roots around it.
Is this due to me not consistently watering or is there something else I can do to help it thrive? #PothosPack #Pothos #PothosWater
2ft to light, indirect
4โ€ pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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Hi! If you just re-potted it in potting mix that already has fertilizer, then I think waiting to fertilize makes more sense, so it doesnโ€™t get burned roots from too much fertilizer. You might move her to get a bit more indirect light if thatโ€™s possible. Maybe 2 feet to indirect light? I have mine in a southern window getting filtered light thru a light curtain and it seems happy. Since it has such a tiny root system, it actually might be better to go back to the 3 inch pot, just so the roots will access the water without too much water remaining in the bottom of the pot. If you do leave it in the 4 inch pot, be sure to only water it when it dries out. If you are using the Greg watering reminders, it will take a bit for Greg to get the watering advice on point. Be sure to snooze the Greg reminders when itโ€™s not time to water and mark watered, once it is time, so that Greg will learn whatโ€™s best for your plant in the conditions of itโ€™s environment. If you arenโ€™t using the reminders on Greg, you may want to set up an alarm on your phone to check your plant for watering. Maybe like every 7-9 days. Be patient about it putting out new leaves. It may be focused on growing more roots first and thatโ€™s going to be good for your plant. Hope these tips are helpful! Welcome to Greg! ๐Ÿชด๐Ÿ’š
I canโ€™t say why the roots arenโ€™t growing but I would suggest some rooting hormone and downgrading its pot size, if you go too large up the plant will be too focused on making roots than growing new leaves.
It might just be putting all it's energy into its roots and building them up to fill out the pot! As soon as it gets to were it wants to be with roots, it will start growing more leaves. It you want to speed up the process maybe looking into a 20/20/20 fertilizer
@Philo447 it was in the same 3โ€ pot for over a year before I just repotted 2 weeks ago to discover the lack of root. With fresh soil is it safe to fertilize more?
Do you know if there were more roots when you first got it in the 3 inch pot? If so it sounds like it had root rot and either needed watered less and/or a different, better draining soil. If you do this now and it still hasn't grown, sometimes plants go into shock for a little bit before coming out of it and growing again
@Philo447 I donโ€™t know about its roots before as it was just the cheap thin plastic pot it came in. Due to how little I did water it though Iโ€™d be surprised at root rot and I never saw any signs of it. It always looked healthy just didnโ€™t grow.
@SunnyPlants thank you so much for the in depth answer! I actually moved it last night as close to a south window as I could. So Iโ€™m on the right track there. It was sold to me as a golden pothos and I only discovered itโ€™s a marbles queen from Greg. Apparently the care is slightly different so that should help! Iโ€™ll definitely watch the watering schedule. Thanks again.
@UphorbiaUphoria Youโ€™re welcome! You may want to add a thin curtain (if you havenโ€™t already) just so she doesnโ€™t get sunburned. ๐Ÿ˜Š GL with your plant! Hope to see pics of her thriving soon! And thanks for best answer! ๐Ÿ˜Š
If the plant got too thirsty, the roots will dry out and die as well, might be the reason why the plant has only one 2 inches long root with a year growing in soil. Plus putting near a heater will make the soil dry up faster. The 4 inch pot is too big for this plant, she needs only around 1 inch diameter of pot. If you have a problem in watering her, you can always try semi hydroponic.

Watch this video clip about semi hydroponic...

If you are going for semi hydroponic with perlite, please remember to soak the perlite with room temperature water for half an hour, then wash it clean, because perlite has dust which makes the water dirty. You can add liquid fertilizer to the water, as perlite has no nutrition for the plant growth.

But if you prefer to grow her in the soil, give her a smaller pot, as small as possible, and dip her roots into some rooting hormone powder. rooting hormone is use to stimulate roots growth.
Btw, marble queens are green leaves with white variegation or light green variegation.

While golden pothos are green leaves with yellow variegation like these... They are my baby golden pothos, 1st and 3rd pictures are semi hydroponic while the 2nd picture is in soil. :)
@SpiffyGonolobus thank you for this info! With the rooting hormone, I did some light research and just want to make sure I understand how to use it. If I use a liquid, I just mix it with the water right? Can I do this if I also do the semi hydroponic as well or just if I keep in soil?
@UphorbiaUphoria I never tried rooting hormone in semi hydroponics, I only tested it in soil and full hydroponics. rooting hormones are usually in powder form, but as for full hydroponic, you can put a little bit of water to the rooting hormone powder to make it into paste (like wet cement) and wrap it on the roots, after wrapping the roots, slightly blow the rooting hormone paste on the roots til it is dry then only put the roots into the water slowly. When roots start to grow it will grow very fast.
@SpiffyGonolobus Thank you! I think Iโ€™ll try watching a few videos about it all to make sure I wrap my head around it properly. I havenโ€™t watered it in nearly 3 weeks now and itโ€™s still moist So I definitely need to get it out of the larger pot. Iโ€™ll be able to in the next day or so.
@SpiffyGonolobus when I pulled her out of the 4 inch pot, she had two new big roots! But I decided to still move her to the perlite to get them really established and avoid root rot since the soil was still pretty wet after 3 weeks. I also tucked a golden Pothos cutting in there too.
Keep an eye on the roots, don't submerge the roots in your perlite cup, roots can rot. perlite can absorb water, so you don't need to pour too much water into the cup if there's no drainage hole below the cup. But I will recommend you to have holes at the bottom since perlite absorb water and you can pour water into the perlite if you think the perlite is dry, then the extra water will flow out from the drainage hole. Just imagine how you grow your plant in a pot with soil.
@SpiffyGonolobus I soaked and rinsed the perlite prior so itโ€™s all moist. Then it has maybe a centimeter of water in the bottom. But I can cut a few holes just to be safe.
@UphorbiaUphoria btw, I almost forgot, algae may grow in your perlite cup after a period of time, so if you see those green things, just clean them with 3% hydrogen peroxide (
@SpiffyGonolobus Thank you very much!
@UphorbiaUphoria Read this article about improving soil drainage... soil" target="_blank">
@SpiffyGonolobus okay so I have the holes in it now with water in the other dish. But it does seem to be pooled in the bottom of the plastic cup to the level of the water in the dish but I kept it low. Should this be safe?
I watched a few videos on it and everyone said to do it differently lol.
The water will be the same either with a water reservoir or not, but with a water reservoir you can control the water easier. With a water reservoir is what I'm doing, and they are growing. You can give it a try and check the roots again in a week see if they grow.
@SpiffyGonolobus I just wanted to give you an update because Iโ€™m so excited the semi hydro is working.
Iโ€™m getting a new leaf already and the roots are growing well! In the picture you can see I drew over the roots the first week so I could more easily see how much they have truly grown. Thanks again!
Congratulations! I'm glad it works for you! You can now move her to soil if you want to see her grow big and beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well, I have good news on my side with semi hydroponic as well. My beautiful satin pothos is finally happy again! Her leaves had never been flat for more than a month, but now it's flat and hard, and she rooted very fast and well. ๐Ÿ˜
@SpiffyGonolobus yay! Iโ€™m glad she liked it too!
I have a satin Pothos in water right now and going to move her to semi hydro too because she is just not looking great with the curled leaves.