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Scarring, or pests?

This Aeonium 'Kiwi' was so plumpish looking and "pretty" a couple weeks ago when purchased. There were some tiny pieces of what looked to be straw/grass stuck to the leaves (shipping materials?) that I removed when repotting. When they were removed they indeed had damaged the tops of the leaves, so I figure some of this is scarring. I'm just looking for some general opinions on if this appears to be scarring to you, or if you think there are some pests involved? I did spray some fungicide this morning to be on the safe side, but have not seen any buggers. #greggang #aeonium
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 15 hours ago
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I’ve got one as well, this is a KiwiπŸ₯° here’s a reference photo of mine for comparison πŸ’š yes aeoniums leaves do bruise and scar very very easily, in my experience it tends to look pretty similar. My haworths Aeonium is always getting something on its leaves(it lives outside). I’m not πŸ’― sure if pests are involved here but it’s always a great idea to treat just in case! Second pic is my Haworths and you can see the kind of marks I’m talking about that it’s always getting
From my understanding their leaves scare and bruise easily from what I understand. The damage on the leaves does look like scarring to me. I have one not sure if it's a kiwi tho.
Mine also scars and bruises so easily.
It’s just a little damage from the shipping material. No worries.
These are just bruises. The kiwi and copper pinwheel bruise if you look at them. Seriously, they are this way. Not pests. Just the nature of the plant.