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What is this rounded white things?
Today, while giving water to my string of tears, I discovered this white-ish things πŸ₯ΊπŸ€’ what is this?! Help! 🏨 the soil was very dry as expected between waterings...
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5ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
If it's dried out it's probably not a fungus. It's hard to tell. Maybe eggs from a pest or salt deposits from your water?
I've had that issue before...ants were the problem. My plant stand is on my porch. I sprayed the soil with soapy water, it seemed to work.
In the soil?
It looks like perlite. Are they crunchy?

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It's tricky for me to identify because I also have perlite in my other succulents and this seem really really tiny to be perlite, in comparison πŸ˜• and they main part of it it's in the center of the plant, that's why my suspicion was more towards being a fungus or eggs from a pest.
@ElderWasabi it’s not perlite it’s some sort of fungus don’t you agree @RJG
I am not sure what it is but I would remove it from there. It can be perlite. Also just in case, I would dust the top of the soil in the whole pot with cinnamon, or spray it with neem oil.
If you touch them what's their texture? That will let us know for sure.
For comparison, perlite vs. Whitish things on soil. I touched it and they are kind hard between the fingers 🀨
If this is perlite, this is completely and utterly the smallest perlite I have ever seen πŸ™ƒ
@ElderWasabi sometimes perlite will break down and become smaller just by sheer movement. I would remove the top layer of soil, or if you’re concerned with your plant’s health, completely repot in fresh new soil.

This is what my potting mix looks like and as you can see, there’s both smaller and bigger pieces of perlite.

Your soil, however doesn’t look like it has much perlite in it so I would check what they are.

You can grab a glove and inspect the white specs. If you crush them and they disintegrate, then it’s perlite. If they do something else, it’s most likely eggs and I would suggest repotting!

Good luck! 🀞🏽🌿✨
Also to add to @kscape depending on how you water...if your soil is a little hydrophobic...the tiny perlite pieces can "float" and as the water "drains" they can puddle or group together.
Drew...I sprayed the top of the soil and a little mist on the plant. I put a little squirt of Dawn in a spray bottle.

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