Posted 6M ago by @GnarlyTagetes

Okay so I just got this plant and I heard that if u water the leaves it dies and I was just wondering how I should take care of it
idk u should google that... that seems hard to believe...
Many plants that grow leaves from the center will rot from the inside out if you put water directly in the middle (since it just sits there). Instead, water directly into the soil. Depending on your plant sometimes you can do that with a watering can, sometimes it helps to get something like a peri bottle that's a bit smaller and more precise.
Is it an African violet? They will get brown spots on the leaves if they get water on them. I think some other fuzzy leaved plants are also sensitive to wet leaves. What kind of plant is it?
Wait- earth stars? I top water mine and they are fine. I've never heard of you get water on the leaves that they'll die. Mine have not died, they have multiplied.
@Jana85 It’s called an earth star. It’s actually a small bromeliad. Easy to care for. Nothing like African Violet 😘
@Kwanna well that is super cute and colorful! 😍
@Kwanna I did not initially see your hashtag. πŸ™ˆ

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