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Watering Frequency?

#Ficus I adopted this pretty ginseng ficus from HEB 2 weeks ago. My water thermometer says the roots are still wet so I haven’t been watered her since bringing her home. I’ve noticed some of her leaves are yellowing and starting to fall. The plant app says this is a sign of unwatering so I’m confused. Is she adjusting to a new home or should her soil be watered despite the meter reading? She gets a good amount of light on sunny days.
0ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Mostly the yellow ones are tiny and on the bottom of plant.
Moving a ficus can cause that as well a temperature changes
It may just be adjusting or old leaves falling off because they are at the end of their life cycle (if the leaves are at the bottom). That’s one heck of a Ficus gotta say though. Very pretty