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Plant ID? #plantidentification
My wonderful mother-in-law has this cool plant outside… Does anyone have any ideas on the name of this plant? #PlantID
Best Answer
Looks like agave. I think the variety is victoriae-reginae?
@Rachie816 Thanks, you know, I considered that too but the babies look like haworthias. I research some more.
They definitely do have the same leaf shape like haworthia. If you figure out what it is, please report back! 😀
@Rachie816 I think you were right, they look identical! Thanks again! It was a Victoriae-Reginae 👍🏻
@Rachie816 is right!! you’re so lucky haha i really want one of these :) also agaves are monocarpic so they will die after flowering, but this one looks pretty young so i wouldn’t worry for a few years.

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