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is there a way to see your own past posts?
hi! this is more of a question about the app - is there a way to look at all your past posts & questions? It would be helpful for more detailed tracking!

now that I know about #GregFeedback, I’m gonna add a bit more to my post for a more detailed suggestion:

Having a way to see your past posts, especially for specific plants would be nice. A great location would be when you click on a plant and swipe the the bottom, after all the watering information, you can see all those posts related to those plants. Also would be cool to be able to see other people’s posts on their profiles.

This would be helpful to be able to keep more detailed tracking / progress of plants, especially since you can’t add text to the story posts (which could be a helpful feature as well. Also would make it much easier to reference your question posts without having to search through your notifications to look at the responses.

One current workaround could be to create your own hashtag and put it at the bottom of all of your posts so you can just look at the hashtag to see anything you’ve posted already!

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Hi Eli! This is coming soon 😁 We’ll be refreshing the profile tab, and it will include a way to see your past activity. In the meantime, many folks have had success with the workaround you mentioned by creating a personal hashtag community!
im trying to figure this out myself
Perhaps #gregfeedback could answer this for you πŸ‘
@Sassylimey oh! I didn’t realize that was a hashtag, I’ll add it to my post, thanks :-)
Hope it helps @honeybees
I was about to ask this too heh
And maybe this question is also something for #GregTeam ?
@Kiersten Oh cool, great to know :-) Very excited!

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