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does anyone else use stratum?
hey y’all, it’s been a while! so I’m wondering who else uses #FluvalStratum to root cuttings and babies? I have NO idea what soil type to choose for #Stratum and I want the best life for my baby white knight that I got from a local #RarePlants seller who lives around the corner from me! 🤩 #GregGang #PlantAddict #PhiloFlock #PropagationStation #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewEnglandGregGang
2ft to light, indirect
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
@sarahsalith any suggestions?
@KikiGoldblatt I would bow to the expert: @ForFoxSake
@sydfog stratum isn’t a soil type. It’s actually tiny balls of volcanic ash. For rooting you’ll want to place your cutting into a container filled with fluval just wet enough to where you see water gathering at the bottom and then stop or if your container has drainage water until you see it come from bottom and place it in a second cup to catch the runoff. Leave it in this stratum mix until your first leaf has unfurled or roots are at least 2” long. Here’s some samples of stuff I have in stratum currently. CC: @sarahsalith
If you find that your stratum just holding water for more than 3-4 days you can add some perlite to provide more aeration to the roots. I do a 50/50 blend like shown with the monstera albo in a Chinese takeout dish 😂
@ForFoxSake I thought it was volcanic soil, neat! these are some of the current plants I’ve got going, I’m glad to see others use it too! my baby ivory coast was doing terrible in soil so I tossed it in and it popped a new leaf within days! my mojito has been doing too well (I got it as a 1 leaf cutting) and I almost don’t want to transfer it 🤩 and my painted lady was just not happy in soil and I eventually think I’m going to put in leca once I get more 😂 if you have any of those cuttings in greg, what do you choose for the substrate?
I transition from stratum to Pon or very well draining coco chunk mix blended with fox farm and some other amendments. The stratum gets air to the roots and stays moist but not wet. That’s all you need to simulate really.
I have used it even on some of my most prized cuttings. Here’s the results of 1 month in stratum with rooting powder mixed in on a caramel marble that rooted from a tiny aerial root. I transitioned to bark and perlite when it was ready so it can be properly fertilized

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