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Dropping Leaves?
Hi all! I’ve had this beautiful #FicusTriangularisVariegata for about a month now and she’s suddenly dropping leaves! 😱 I just moved her to an area that gets much more light than she was getting (east and south windows in the room). I water when the top soil gets dry. What else should I be doing? I’m learning that she’s nothing like my #FicusElasticaRuby opposed to what the nursery said. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #DontDieOnMe #HelpMe #DroppingLeaves
4ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
Hey Samra!

The triangularis are particularly moody. Everything you said you did is right though! Fingers crossed!
@RJG Thank you so much! I thought I was losing my mind! So what they should have said is that it’s moody like fiddle leaf fig 😂😂😂
@greenie_sprout9 mine is named Trife because it's always Triffling
@RJG LMAO Love it!!! I might need to rename mine!
@RJG SO! Her highness decided she was going to drop a drastic amount of leaves daily even after the move. I had cut a branch and put it in water and that didn’t drop leaves so I figured there wasn’t water reaching the roots so I changed the soil and thank god I did! The roots were choking in foam! I ever so patiently separated the foam and repotted and so far the leaves are holding on tightly! I even gave her a little nudge to see if any would fall and nothing!

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