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Does anyone grow #peyote #cacti? #sanpedrocactus #sanpedro #cactusclique
I understand it's illegal to consume, but it's definitely on my #wishlist!
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I actually researched it in my country after he showed up - came addressed to me in what looked like Chinese, no idea who or why I was sent the lil dude, but that's what happened πŸ˜‚ - and at least in the US, it says they're illegal to own if you posesses two or more plants. So long as it's just the one and you can find someone selling it for gardening reasons, you should be alright to get one.
Mine too but I'm pretty sure the sale or distributing it is illegal too. It takes like 8 years for it to get up to an inch or so tall and with so many people selling and poaching and taking them o think they are endangered and and people are working on getting it on that list so it's federal or something to so so. It's an extremely slow grower
@KrunchyWrap oh wow I didn’t know that. Interesting 🧐
@KikiGoldblatt I watched a video on TV and one on YouTube about it. If I find it ill tag you and post the link up.
That's not the exact video I watched but it explains some of the stuff I saif
That's some very interesting research and information on that video.
I find it sad that so many unscrupulous people harvest endangered plants and sell them at exorbitant prices. @McWifey @KrunchyWrap @KikiGoldblatt
@KrunchyWrap @KikiGoldblatt @Sassylimey @LadyStarStrings check out "How to Change Your Mind" on Netflix. Chapter 4 is on #Mescaline & it's cultural & mental health benefits. Interesting that Berkeley is known for ornamental San Pedro. 🌡
I do
@KrunchyWrap thats why you procure from folk who hard grow from seed, theres a great many #lopholovers in SE asia who are growing insane loph's that are more so realisticly priced. by the way they are no longer classed as endangered, theyve managed to move down a rung in a positive direction. Plus theres a couple SW states in which it is federally protected for anyone whom consider it to be an integral part of their spiritual/religious practices. also under the right conditions lophys f*ckin are monsters with their growth when they are given the love and respect they deserve (if you love/respect this sacrament you could give af less what mans laws say and will help bring this species population back up. show your #lophylove and start building your collection and propegate it. (its amazing the change in mood one experiences just by tending to this amazing species!)
@ComicTauhinu I've always wanted some to just grow bc I think they are beautiful and to be honest the cultural/spiritual ties and background connected to it make it that more special and beautiful. It's mind blowing and beautiful the history with it and the ceremonies and everything that it's involved in and I am so happy to hear it not endangered any more. I can't stand for people to just take and take and take for profit but not take the time to actual care and grow it to make a higher population. Just take and never give. If you know of any legit sellers and wouldn't mind sharing it's would be wonderful but I also know certain sellers are quiet about their business so I wouldn't be hurt if you can't or won't. Thank you for the additional info too. I do believe man shouldn't have any rights to place laws over something the earth provides but I do believe that if a certain culture uses it then they should have a lot of say in it because it's an entirely different meaning and worth to them than to others who want to either profit or just trip out. I'm always willing to learn new things so anything else you want to add I'm all ears β™‘

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