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Yukka Plant and bugs? help?
Update to the yukka plant rescue question i posted a few weeks ago. The top has now turned kinda white and there are small bugs crawling on it. They look kinda of white/with orange/red legs. They are tiny maybe Β½ milimeter? I have no idea what's happening:')))) #bugs #pestcontrol #help #plantrescue #yuccapalm
Is it white or a web? Worries me with the tiny white red bugs that it’s spider mites.
@Blau_Ozean Ohhh I looked spider mites up and yeah that seems possible:/
@PlantySnacc keep it away from other plants 😩 & treat it
@Blau_Ozean yeah it's been quarantined:') I'm using like a apple vinegar, dish soap, baking soda, water thingy to try and get rid of them
@PlantySnacc do you find that that works better than the other options out there (like water, soap, alcohol?) I’ve been having issues with recurring mites in a palm πŸ₯΄
@Blau_Ozean I'll look at the plant when I'm home and keep you updated. I sadly didn't have any pure alcohol at home. They are avoiding areas where I sprayed the mixture. I'll have to see if they got less

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