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How to help this baby
Ok, this is one of my mums babies, she was wondering why it is looking so sad.

I think she's over-watered it, and it's got a lot of moisture in it still so possibly needs new soil to dry out?
Or even more indirect sunlight, it's got no sunlight where it is only a kitchen light.
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Best Answer
@NewAddiction I would recommend repotting it if it still has a lot of moisture in it still. That’s just my opinion. From what I read they light bright indirect sunlight.

Bright indirect light is best for this plant, which comes from giving the plant the widest possible view of the open sky. An hour or two of direct sun is tolerable if you are keen on checking the soil moisture.

As a rule of thumb, if the soil is dry to the touch, it needs water. SOLUTION: Never allow the soil of your maidenhair ferns to dry out completely. Consistent moisture is key. Check the soil every day and add more water if it feels dry.
@KikiGoldblatt I will pop over and do this for her tonight possibly, she thought it needed to be moist all the time as she thought it lived by rivers in the wild πŸ˜…

It gets no sunlight at all, not even indirect as her kitchen is cut off from most windows.

Maybe I'll bring it home and see how it does in our kitchen that gets more lit up 😬

But we'll definitely repot and get more light into its routine. Felt so bad when I spotted it hiding in a dark corner while tidying a few things.

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