Posted 5M ago by @Blananaba

Why is he turning pink?
I’ve watered consistently and never move him, only rotate, so why would he be turning reddish pink? #LetsGrowTrees
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Is that a one of those trees in a can?! A bunch of us are trying that too....use #letgrowtrees in your post so more people see it. It does not work in the comments so you have to edit your post itself. Sorry I couldn't help you more with the actual plant advice 🀣πŸ₯° Good luck.
@PlantEsteem It is, I got the blue spruce and the bonsai ones, the bonsai never sprouted but this is Tiny, the blue spruce :) Thank you, I’ll add the hashtag and see what I can get for answers
@sarahsalith @ABCD any advice for this #letsgrowtrees plant parent?
Hey, Noah! Off hand, I'd say it's not getting enough light. It's an outside tree and it needs lots and lots of super bright light. I would start with indirect at first since it's not used to it.

According to the directions that cane with my seeds, you should be looking for a new pot now.

I have a white cedar from seed and I had it in a self watering pot (the kind with a string in the water) for the first two years. I finally moved it to another pot because it was starting to brown.

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