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Experimenting with #PropBox 🌱⚡️
💡I’ve been meaning to try different types of propagation ways I have written down but I’ve been busy! I put this one together about a week ago. It’s a little messy so don’t mind it, but it’s doing what I was hoping: providing a nice environment for the props to grow!

⚡️I have a plastic bin that has a very thin layer of sphagnum moss at the bottom, semi-thick layer of perlite, and in one section I added some organic soil. So far I’ve misted twice this week, trying to create a moist environment, and I have it under a white grow light for 8 hours a day. Seems like the props on the soil side are growing slightly faster than those on perlite, but there are two leaves that are rooting on the perlite side! Also, many people push/bury their props in soil and I’ve done it in the past and I’ve had more props fail that way, than placing them in the soil and letting them root and grow that way 🌱

❗️Most of these props are Sedum Adolphii as my precious Penny has pretty much become an experiment after losing her to scorched leaves that I caused because Neem Oil + ☀️ = 🪦🪴 I have a few #ElephantBush cuttings also coated in rooting hormone and a few unknown succulent props! I’ll update in a week or so on these! 😊
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10” pot
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Love a good prop experiment! Good luck hun 😘
This looks so cool! Adding this to my notes so I can find it later. 😊
L @kscape I love 💕 the prop box idea. Wishing you luck and happy growing.

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