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Anyone want a best answer reminder sticker? πŸ‘€
I made these little digital stickers (for anyone to use!) so we can help get the word out there about selecting best answers! βœ…

Best answers make it easier for the community to find the most relevant answers as they browse through questions. Plus, selecting a best answer helps the community to know that you aren’t still waiting on an answerβ€”after a best answer is selected, your question is automatically marked as answered. And of course, it’s a nice way to say thanks! πŸ’š

Speaking of thanks… thank you @RJG for sending me the Greg mascot and allowing me to use our favorite leafy mascot in these stickers designs! HE’S SO CUTE I LOVE HIM. 🌱
#GregGang #GregCommunity #GregFam #BestAnswer #JustMarkIt #TheHappiestPlaceOnTheInternet
Best Answer
WOAH THESE ARE GREAT and same i love the greg leaf lol, his little smile is so wholesome and cute!!! πŸ’•
These are awesome!
@Roserade glad you like them!
@strawberrymoon a wholesome mascot for a wholesome place πŸ₯²
Love themπŸ«ΆπŸ’š
Those are fantastic 🀩😍πŸ₯°πŸ’―
@lazyplantparent omg I love these. What an amazing job you did! What program did you use to make them?
Omg you used the #JustMarkIt! πŸ˜‚ Omg I love these stickers
@lazyplantparent I’m here to serve! 😌
Revised (with bigger font!) πŸ˜…
Alex! You are so creative!!
@sarahsalith thanks Sarah πŸ₯ΉπŸ’š
Here’s the link to the Google Drive folder with the png stickers, if you want to download them without messing around with cropping screenshots πŸ˜‚

Of course I see the link after all the screen hots have been taken πŸ˜‚
Great idea!
@lazyplantparent A much improved version of a terrific idea!
Love it ❀️
This is a great idea! And the stickers are so cute!! 🀩🀩
Great Job @lazyplantparent!
Thanks to the infamous @RJG wit, we made the stickers less wordy (thanks for the suggestions, Drew!)

And as a reminderβ€”since I can’t edit my post to include thisβ€”all versions of the stickers have been uploaded to a public Google Drive folder. Feel free to download, if you’d like!

Link to folder:
@lazyplantparent these final ones are awesome! @alex @Colin @Kiersten @Lee πŸ‘€
(Obviously feel free to make a new post too Alex so more people see the final ones!)
@RJG that’s a good ideaβ€”going to do that now! πŸ™Œ
Amazing work @lazyplantparent πŸ™Œ
@Lee thanks Lee, I appreciate that!

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