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Leaning stem

Hello! I am new to talking care of plants. I have had this one for about a month now. It has grown a lot, but it is heavily leaning to one side. Is this something I should be worried about or are there some sultions to helping grow upwards?
4โ€ pot with drainage
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Seconded. This plant needs LOTS of light (and that's sunlight, not indoor light) -- I'd ramp her up to at least six hours / day, morning light if you can manage it (too much direct afternoon sun can be a bit too much for her kind). Start her off with 30-60 minutes and ramp up over the course of a week or so if you can. Good luck to you and Fiona!
Usually, succulents spike out like that when they need to find better lighting. Place her somewhere so that she can get some bright light ;)
Thank you for your help! I put her outside and I hope it helps!