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*THE* Golden Pothos Water Experiment ✨🌿
Hello there, #GregGang 👋🏽

❗️ #PothosWater has been a big hit recently on Greg🌱 and cannot thank y’all enough for participating! It’s exciting to see everyone’s positive results when water propagating and/or watering with Pothos water and it makes me so happy to see #Greggers plants thriving! ✨

🔬 With that being said, I’m going to start a new experiment for #ScienceWithGreg! I will be calling it “THE Golden Pothos Water Experiment”. I will be using #PothosWater to root my new #GoldenPothos cuttings. These cuttings will be grown in water indefinitely so I can have…an endless supply of Pothos Water 💧⚡️

✅ Cuttings were placed Today, August 22 in a Glass container with 50/50 Distilled & Pothos Water #NeonPothos & Golden Pothos)

I’ll update y’all in a week! 🤞🏽✨🌿
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Hey @kscape! I did a little digging into if/why/how #PothosWater works and wanted to share what I found.

Plants have loads of different hormones that help them grow in different ways. Two important hormones in rooting are auxin and cytokinin and are suuuuuper abundant in pothos, and less abundant in say snake plants or Philodendrons.

Hormones are transported around the plant through their vascular system, which is their version of a circulatory system. Like our blood, these hormones and other molecules are suspended in water so they can move around easily.
#PothosWater works because it allows the pothos to share those hormones with the other plant. It exits the pothos through the open wounds on the stem, gets dispersed throughout the water, and some will enter the other plant through the wounds and into their vascular system. It’s kinda like a blood transfusion!

A super important point to note is that there’s no evidence that plants excrete these hormones through their roots, so once the pothos begins to root the effectiveness will drop substantially. At that point it’s probably best to pop a new prop in there to keep up the supply of auxin and cytokinin!

None of this has been studied in a controlled lab, but the science definitely checks out! #PothosWater is officially #ScientistApproved 🤣
Yay! I’m excited to see where this goes.
👍 😍
@kscape you are about to have my pothos scared of me! ✂️✂️

Which one of y'all🪴 is getting ✂️ to help my other babies grow?!🤣
Cool!! Can’t wait to see how this goes!… 🙂 I’ve had pothos cuttings living in water for probably close to 2 years. They’ve been doing ok, despite my neglect… Lol 😬 😝 They were on the bedroom wall and didn’t receive tons of light, so I didn’t see much growth over time. I never really changed the water, I would just top it off when the level was low… I experimented with writing the word “grow” behind one of the vases and didn’t really see a difference either. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I moved recently and decided to plant them in soil. I’ll start it again with new clippings. 🙂 I have Chinese Money Plant clippings that are reluctant to root, so I recently (about 10 days ago 🤔) put them in the same propagation vial as a pothos, but so far I see no roots… 😥
@AwesomePlants girl your Pothos will grow a lot anyway with all the pruning you’ll be doing 😌✂️🌿
@BeesZenGarden That is very interesting! What kind of Pothos are you using for your Pothos water? I know Golden, Snow Queen, Global & Njoy help root fast!
@kscape I only have golden… Maybe I need to change the water more often, but wouldn’t that defeat the purpose a bit?…
@BeesZenGarden I change my water every 10-12 days so maybe try changing it a little more often and see how that goes for you.

I’ve tried it this way compared to leaving it a little longer and honestly it’s worked out better! How? Not exactly sure but maybe it’s the fact that they get new water is refreshing I suppose? 🤔🤣
@BeesZenGarden I change my water every 10-12 days so maybe try changing it a little more often and see how that goes for you.

I’ve tried it this way compared to leaving it a little longer and honestly it’s worked out better! How? Not exactly sure but maybe it’s the fact that they get new water and it is refreshing I suppose? 🤔🤣
@kscape I just went to check on them again and there is actually a tiny mini filament starting on one of them!… Maybe they’re just really late bloomers, but I thought Chinese Money plant was really easy to propagate…
@BeesZenGarden Chinese money plants are very easy to root and I’ve had some rooting without Pothos water in less than 2 weeks..what are you using for your water props? tap, filtered, bottled or distilled water?
pothos so beautiful another one in my wish list
Oh this is a great idea! I'm about to prop a bunch of stuff to have for swap events. I'll have to remember to try this!
@kscape I’m using filtered for all of them usually (from the fridge door… 😬). I’ve used tap on occasion but I don’t think it was the case with these 2. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll try changing the water more often.
Oh awesome!! Lmk how it goes and I might have to do this with my next cuttings. Too bad I already have plans for my current one!! 🫠
@tango I want to send u some but im scared they’re not gonna make it 😭😭
@kscape oh don’t worry abt it!! 😁😁 I really appreciate the offer, but I share that fear… plus idk abt sharing my address. Not that I don’t trust you!! 😅 I’m about to post a new experiment I’m trying, and I’ve been able to move my cutting into a bigger bottle so I should have more #PothosWater that way!
@kscape pothos water really does work. I am testing it now on several plants. I just put some Jade Plants in it yesterday. I’m excited.
@KikiGoldblatt Make a post when you can! The more results, the better! Glad to know that Pothos Water is helping you out! 😊✨💧🌿

Make sure to use the tags #ScienceWithGreg & #PothosWater when you do!
@SoothingBogbean this is the #PothosWater I was telling you about
And as a bonus, you noted that Cebu blue and Satin pothos don’t help as much and that’s because they aren’t true pothos!! Cebu blue is a different species and Satin pothos are a whole different genus, so they likely have lower levels of growth hormone to share.
@Kiersten THIS IS AMAZING! 🤩🤩 THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH KIERSTEN for fully explaining this in amazing detail! I failed science because none of my professors really explained…

This means so much and even better knowing that someone with the actual scientific background and knowledge was able to prove this right!

I was wondering if the rooting hormones would stop AFTER they established roots, but I have seen a positive results after keeping some plants with Pothos!

Again thank you so so so much!! 😭😭🌿✨💕

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