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#StringOfPearls Woes 🥲
So, as some of you guys know, I DESPISE SOPs 🫠 in one of plant haul posts, I showed a cute little SOP in a llama planter I had. I thought “why not, let’s try this one more time…” WELL, this is why I don’t buy full sized SOPs as they’re SOBs 🙄🤣

Monroe was bought on August 30th and is acting like I’m abusing her 🙄 just… look at the #BeforeAndAfter photos 🥲 the other SOBs and SOP (hybrid) I bought at the same time is THRIVING so I just don’t understand WHY SOPs hate me so much 🥲 not even the cuttings with a root on them want to exist for me in spaghnum moss, they just rot away 🫠

I also attached pictures of my two other previous attempts. They’re still alive but have done absolutely nothing expect just exist for a year 🥲 I’m hoping the grow light they’re now under will help but we will see 🤷🏼‍♀️
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@RJG may have some suggestions.
I just purchased one today… wish me luck!! #StringOfPearls #FussyPlant #WishMeLuck
when you find a way let me know! I’m on my second SOP and it’s already dying!
Yeahhhhhhhh my sop that was looking all juicy and plump just last week decided to shit the bed... alll of my string of things are suddenly looking iffy. Even my silver glory string of hearts that was busting loose with growth. 🙄🙄🙄
It's like they all got together while I was asleep and said 'ok.. let's die!! ::evil laugh::'
My variegated SOH and regular SOH seem ok for now.. 🤞🏽🤞🏽 if any strings dies, I'm not replacing. The thrill is gone.
Sorry. It was so cute in the llama planter. 😕
@RJG 👀👀👀🫶🏻
@Prettyplanty UGH SHES SO PRETTY 🤩🫶🏻 let’s hope she likes you 😅
@kimberlyr13 I was saying it four attempts ago 😅 I always find a cute small one at Walmart because my SOBs are from Wally World and ✨thriving✨
@ManyLime ugh somethin must be in the air 🫠🤣 the only ones that seem to love me so far are the SOBs, SOP (hybrid), and SOT 🥲 I’m not mad at all and hope I continue giving them proper conditions to thrive but these GOT DAMN SOPs 😤🫠 if these die, I’m done too, unless I move cause maybe they don’t like my house 👀🤣
@CoolNoblefir UGH I KNOW 😭 she had drainage and everything and when it was watering time, I bottom soaked cause of the “death ring” for about 10-15 minutes or until she stopped drinking and the DRAMATICS 🫠
I always hear everyone say that they are finicky. I have SOP, SOB, SOH and they have been thriving. Had them on a east facing window sill. Now I moved them to a shelf with a grow light. I water when dry and soak them really well.
@Localplantlady Yeah that’s exactly why I don’t bother with Strings of anything…keeping my fingers crossed for you, Good 👍 Luck 🍀
Got home from work and my bananas are dead. RIP cuz I am NOT getting anymore.
Did you repot of change the soil?I have some in bonsai jack and sk far this is the longest I've kept one Alice lol
@JungleLady505 we don’t have a good east facing window 🥲 the only one we do have faces a covered deck. That’s why I put all of my strings of under a grow light! I too only water them when they’re dry, about every 12 days, because they’re in tiny, plastic pots 😅
@Ms.Persnickety Imma need ALL of the luck 🍀🥲🤣🤣🫠
@ManyLime NOOOOOO 😭😭😭 yeahhhh, I would be done too. I feel like some plants just want to see us be frustrated with them 🤣🫠
@KrunchyWrap I have not! I don’t like to mess with them too much because the last time I did a repot, well, Dotty and Homer are good visuals of what happened 🥴🤣
@Localplantlady Have you tried using a pumice top dressing? The SOP/SOB like to stay super dry on the pearls /stems so I have only bottom water until the moisture reaches just before the top pumice layer. I have mine in glazed ceramic and a mix of Hoffman's succulent soil mixed with pumice. But I also have SOBs in concrete planters w/coco Coir and lava rock outside that I water every 4-7 days so who knows! 🤷🏽‍♀️😅

My SOPs like my south facing window, getting direct sun, and I water them about every 9-12 days - they seem to prefer temps 65-80 and enjoy airflow. I use a handheld air Blower on them to blow off dust and dry them very well after waterings. Hope that helps! 💚 💙 💜
I have the same issue with my SOP so I put it in a window where it gets sunlight and still nothing. Now that fall is almost here I don’t expect it to grow any until spring
@roxyvivien I have not! I’ll have to get some and try that 👀 I had the two in terracotta pots in a south facing window and they haven’t done a thing in a year 🤣 but thank you so much for the info! 💙 I will definitely try some of your methods and hope for the best 🤞🏼
@PleasantChamise maybe they just want to make us nervous and then come back with a vengeance next spring 🫣🤞🏼
I’ve found they love bonsai jack succ soil. I’ll see if I can find a picture of pearl last December where she tried to die.
I plant everything in that Bonsai Jack PON and everything I've put in it has taken off! Would thoroughly recommend. I get the giant bags of it on Amazon all the time. They're quick on shipping. PON + drainage hole and you're good to go!
I'm gonna leave this right here:

Welcome to the club.

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