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Calling all #Monstera folks! #MutantMonstera
#MonsteraMob #MonsteraDeliciosa

Please tell me what you think.

My plant and I have been hanging out together for about 7 years. It's a MONSTER of a Monstera. The other day, I noticed new growth ... from the bottom. I came to water it yesterday and the new growth has changed COLORS! I tugged on it ever so slightly today and it is indeed attached to the thick stem of the plant.
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How neat!!
Omg it looks like an n’joy and a monstera had a baby! I think you discovered a new variety of monstera!! Promise to remember us on your way up to fame πŸ‘πŸ‘οΏΌ
Maybe variegated leaves are growing. This is rare but it can occur. It is a genetic change.
@sarahsalith I agree that looks like a pothos and joy. That is just crazy. @KikiGoldblatt y'all are right- it really does look like an N'Joy!
@Pegster I hope it is- time will tell!
Looks very pretty! Keep us updated. Looking forward to seeing what it ends up being. ☺️ It would be so cool your monstera mutated somehow and started producing some cool variegated leaves!
So strange. If they're attached then obviously your monstera produced them, but I have never seen that variegation pattern on a monstera before.

Thai constellation is more marbled, and the albos are more patchy. It really does look like an N'Joy but it can't be if it's attached to the stem and not just growing from underneath it.

Plants are awesome!
Looks like a Pothos took a ride
@sarahsalith Monstera deliciosa "Gregarious"
No way!!! Im hoping that it mutates into a variegated monstera. Gonna have to do some research on how a variegated plant comes to be. This is super exciting!
Pretty cool
I’m invested in this! 🀣πŸͺ΄
@Mrgncrch now I've gotta come up with a hashtag for it so I can make posts.

But I have to do the dishes first!!
@sarahsalith mutantmonstera
Ahhh this is so neat! I must follow the unknown!
That’s crazy!! I cant wait to see it when it gets a little bigger!
@Mrgncrch that's perfect! #MutantMonstera

If it full on produces a mutated variant I call dibs on a cutting! πŸ˜…πŸ˜
Looks like an n joy for sure! I found a Philly today that had an Alocasia coming out of the soil πŸ˜…
Chimeras are genetically unstable, and have no rhyme or reason to their variegation patterns, and can change abruptly.

The mutation occurs in what is called the meristem of the plant. The meristem is an active growth point where cell division occurs I did some reading and i think that explains it the best in the least confusing way. plants are so cool! i can’t wait to see what happens!:) #MutantMonstera is now gonna be my new fav hashtag
Wow!!! That’s sooo cool!!!
That’s amazing❀️ your monstera is beautiful!! you seem to be a good person to ask.. do u know what this could be?
@Plantlover_1 Hi, Danielle! I think your plant is overwatered. There might be some root rot going on under the soil.

Is that the only leaf that is doing that?
@sarahsalith yeah it’s the only one and it’s a new leaf. Do u think I should take it out of the soil and check for root rot? I did notice some gnats around the soil also.
WOW. That is awesome @sarahsalith. Make sure you let us know the hash tag so we can follow progress.
@Plantlover_1 yes, I do. You'd rather be safe than sorry. οΏΌ
@Stall54Jo #MutantMonstera is what someone suggested. (: I'll try to make a post every week or so to keep up with it. It's so cool!

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