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Is there anything I should do differently?
I was given this cactus many years ago when it was just a ball and told it was a barrel cactus. I am guessing it is not, and while it has been growing well over the years I know nothing about it.

I noticed some discoloration, but it is still growing well. I rotate it each time it starts to lean, which is a lot. I water it according to Greg.

Is there anything more I should do for it?
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You have a really cool cactus 🌡.
This looks like a Mother of Hundreds to me (Mammillaria compressa) native to Mexico. It grows best in partial shade to full sunlight in well-drained soil.
@PlantMompy Really cool looking cactus. Not an expert on cactus by any means but when I start to see stuff like that I pull it up and make sure those roots are good With no root rot other than that I don't know what it could be how old is this cactus? Could it just be getting to the of a life cycle and need propagating somehow? @RJG has some amazing cacti. Bet he can help!
Looks healthy to me. As long as you water when dry it should be happy!
I just got my first cactus so I'm new to the game but it looks healthy to me!
I think plants just grow how the heck they wanna grow πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ just like us! We are fat skinny and in between. As long as we are healthy(hopefully, somewhat 🀣) who needs perfectly formed?
I would be in huge trouble if that was the case 🀣🀣
If your cactus wants to wobble, let it wobble. As long as it doesn't fall over and it's healthy.
Thanks, @Pegster, @Dolly, @Stall54Jo, @RJG, @ManyLime

I'll just keep doing what I'm doing - assume that since it's growing it's happy πŸ˜‚ I'll also try to find out a little more about it so that I can be ready when it wants a new pot!
@PlantMompy your cactus looks beautiful. Reminds me of a ripe pineapple
Thanks, @Teapott73 I appreciate that it's been patient with me over the years. Always happy just being.
I love looking at your cactus!!! Reminds me of a pineapple!!
Thanks, @Planthoader! I like that it always seems to have a different shape. Sometimes it's super round, sometimes it's oval, right now it's more tall/square
@PlantMompy the ever revolving, shapeshifter cactus!! First ever. Renamedβ€” shape shifter!!!
Great job with your cactus! You’re right, it’s definitely not a barrel. Beautiful all the same, though!

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