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Yellow, semi-transparent spots on Fiddle Leaf
Hi Greg Community,
I’m a fairly new plant parent and would appreciate your knowledge and insight. I’ve noticed yellow spots on my ficus and was wondering if there is cause for concern. The lower half of the plant is what grew before it was in my care and has the spots on the leaves and a matte appearance as opposed to the top half of new, spot-free growth with a waxy sheen.
0ft to light, direct
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
It certainly looks to be thriving in your care! Gorgeous, nice work! I’m not sure exactly what they are but if it helps I wouldn’t worry since the newer leaves are better and plant is doing well. We’ve got lots of #FicusGang experts who could probably ID the spots.
@lemrobs thanks, Laura! I also thought that I shouldn’t be too worried since the newer leaves look healthy but also know that some plants start dropping their leaves from the bottom. Better to be proactive than reactive! 😅
@brad I get it, fiddles are nerve wracking! Sometimes whatever it was doesn’t go away anyway so I take the healthier growth after it as the best possible sign
My first fiddle disaster lost her leaves from everywhere but the bottom at first if it makes you feel any better 🤣🤣 she’s been revived thankfully!
@lemrobs 🙈 oh no! 😂 I’m happy to know that she’s been revived!

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