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Brown seed casings…
So, started some basil and cilantro. When the seed casings are still on the starter plant, do I gently take them off or just let them work it out? And how soon do I replant these little cups in bigger dirt? This weekend? Wait til they get a lil bigger?
It’s best to let nature do what it knows how to do. Trying to remove the casings could result in damaging your seedlings. They will fall off on their own.
@FitSedum I’m so glad I asked! Thanks!!
Since those cups are designed to degrade into the soil it doesn't really matter when you put them into a larger plot, just be sure to bury the whole cup and don't leave the top edges exposed. That being said, they seem happy where they are so you can leave them in the tray for a while yet if you want. If it's still cool where you are I would definitely leave them indoors since seedlings are very tender plants.
@tmbryant37 Thanks!! I am hoping to keep them on the same kitchen windowsill. Its north facing and actually gets little sun, but I added a growth light and the peppermint just to the left of those is doing fantastic there. Not sure if it will be enough sun for the basil tho. 🤷‍♀️ And thanks for the tip to cover the edges, I wouldn’t have known that!! 💜

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