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Chinese money turning yellow
Hi. First post here. I’m going to try and give as much information as possible. I recently bought a Chinese Money Plant to hang on my wall in my room. It’s growing like a weed (yay!) but some leaves are starting to turn yellow. I use Greg to track water and I check soil before watering, so I’m hoping it’s not due to overwatering. I kept it in the plastic pot it came in and let the water drain before putting it back in the pot that hangs on my wall. My window faces south and the plant is hanging on the west wall (picture is of morning light). We usually open the blinds during the day but I still think it’s technically in indirect sunlight. Please help! I love the plant and it’s recent growth, so I hope it will survive.

Arguably the most common reason why your money plant is going to turn yellow is moisture. Improper amounts of soil moisture can cause serious damage to the Pilea, and this is mainly caused due to overwatering. You need to make sure that the Pilea is only watered when the top quarter of the soil is dry. I would suggest getting a pot that has drainage that you can hang on your wall. You may end up having to move it if your not able to.
@KikiGoldblatt thank you!

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