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String of Turtles new growth brown?
Hello! I just recently bought a string of turtles and a variegated string of hearts about a week and a half ago. Both were healthy but I noticed that they were reaching for the light. I live in a place that only has north facing windows x_x but I had a grow light for them waiting regardless. I moved my string of hearts closer to it because it’s pink variegation wasn’t showing on the new growth and after further research I learned it likely needs more light. So I bought a brighter bulb too. That seemed to do the trick and the new leaves are now showing pink tones in them. I got another light for my plant section since it’s a wide-ish space for one bulb and now My problem is my string of turtles new growth is showing brownish? When I touch it, it’s not crispy, but it wasn’t like this the day before so I was wondering if that’s normal and the new growth fades to green when the leaf matures? I just watered it today for the first time since I got it because it’s dirt felt dry. Since I live in Florida the humidity is usually high, even indoors, meaning it takes even longer for the soil to dry. (Right now my Nest says it’s 60% humidity inside). Sooo… with all that, is this normal? Or should I change something? Move it further from the light? I’ll attach pictures, mostly of the turtles because their my main question but one of the new growth of hearts for comparison I guess. ☺️ Oh! Also, the lights are LEDs and even after being on for a long time don’t emit “too” much heat, after being on all day I could still put my hand on the bulb head for an indefinite amount of time and it’s just warm, so I don’t think it’s generating too much heat since none are directly touching it? #StringOfTurtles #HappyPlants #GrowLights
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I’m pretty sure that’s normal for new string of turtle leaves!! The brown coloring sort of fades over time as the leaf gets thicker :)

The number one sign of overwatering the string of turtles is that the plant leaves start to turn to mush or turn a shade of yellow/ brown. What is this? Conversely, if the leaves start to wrinkle, then the plant likely isn't receiving enough water.
@KikiGoldblatt Thanks for your response! I don’t think it’s over watering since, like I said, I hadn’t watered it since I got it and it didn’t seem freshly watered then. I just watered it since purchase, after I took these photos. And the brown coloring is only on the new growth, not on any of the leafs before them. There’s also no yellowing or mushiness or crispiness… they feel like normal new leafs? But it concerned me because I’ve never had a plant like this so I’m not sure if it’s because it’s too much light or if that’s just how healthy string of turtle new growth starts out. 🥲
@angelatwong okay, that makes sense. Kind of like how some plants the new growth is red and then turns green when the leaf matures? Thank you for the response! A relief really. 🤗 I was trying to look at some pictures of other peoples to see if it was normal and I only noticed it on like half the plants I looked at so I couldn’t be certain if it was normal or if they had the same problem as me lol. Thank you again!!
@PlantingPeace exactly!! Your plant looks super happy and healthy so keep doing what you’re doing ☺️

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