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Leaf lesions
Hello, does anyone know what these lesions are on my silver sword? I'm hoping it's not something that will take out my whole plant. Thanks!
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Best Answer
@wolfwoman I would check for pests. It looks like either thrips or spider mite damage. Does it look like the leaf has been or is thinner in those sections? Have a look where the leaf joins the petiole and see if there’s some fine white webbing that would indicate spider mites. To treat these I would suggest to start off with Nimoy oil or some sort of pistol oil. Before you spray them I would take them into the shower outside and use a hose to wash off any pets that are on the leaves. Make sure you get above and below each leaf. Then treat the plants and isolate them and check other plants in the close facility. I repeat treatment every week for maybe three or four weeks to make sure you get all the pest. 
@Gordo, I didn't see anything obvious. I'll check again. If there's nothing, I'll spray it with a fungicide. Thank you!
@wolfwoman just check your soil as well. If staying moist then that could be a cause as well. Best of luck. Beautiful plants 🪴.

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