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Spider Mites
I've just experienced my first pest issue and was up till' 3am wiping and spraying my babies. Ugggh, feel like such a bad plant mom, even though I know it's normal at some point.

I believe they were spider mites, tiny red things moving, mostly under the leaves, but I've never seen any webbing. I didn't see anything moving this morning after spraying last night.


1. How often do you spray Neem oil when there was an active infestation? Can I repeat tonight or should I wait a week?

2. I have African Violets, while I didn't see anything on them, I want to treat as a preventative measure.
What should I use for them since I can't get their leaves wet?

3. I know sunlight can damage leaves with Neem; how long until I can give them grow lights again?

4. Do you re-pot all your plants that had pests with fresh soil?
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Hey, Awesome! If you have plans, you'll have books. Thankfully, those aren't spider mites. It's super hard to see spider mites.

What you have are regular mites. I have some on my plants outside. I keep insecticidal soap on hand just for them. I gave up on the little sprayers and got the big jug! I mean business!!
@jcPlantProper is totally right- a good shower will rinse those buggers right off. (:
I would definitely go ahead and treat any and all plants in your house, just in case. I'm not entirely sure repotting is necessary, but if it would give you peace of mind, go for it! @KikiGoldblatt can give you some good info on using Neem oil. I can't afford it so I've never used it. Lol (I think she usually recommends once every 7 days.)
SHOWER TIME. Give them a nice shower and wipe the leaves down. I’d do neem weekly but since I don’t have neem i just use soapy water or the solution pictured. Definitely stay on top of just wiping them down and keeping higher humidity. And yes, keep away from the light in you use neem
It’s covered with the tag but it kills pests too and isn’t an oil
@jcPlantProper the peppermint is my favorite! I love washing my hair in it. 😁
@sarahsalith an you use it? We use it to clean all the plants during the week!
@jcPlantProper What would you recommend for African Violets since I can't get their leaves wet?
@KikiGoldblatt knows a lot about neem oil. I still haven't opened my bottle yet. 😬
Why can’t you get the leaves wet?
@jcPlantProper African violets can get fungus really quickly and die if the leaves get wet.

What about air? Can you blow them off?

Worst case scenario - you can propagate the plants with leaf cuttings. It would be horrible to start all over, though.

Oh!!! What about Sevin dust? I use that on my chickens when they get mites. I dust the chickens.

I'm going to look it up on the internet and see what they say about dusting your African violet.  
@sarahsalith right right. In one of my previous jobs, I was a plant consultant/took care of businesses plants and someone had these plants. I guess I’ve never experienced the fungus. Maybe q tips and alcohol?? Alcohol dries fast
Thanks ladies @sarahsalith @jcPlantProper !! Fortunately I didn't see anything on the African Violets but I wasn't sure what you'd use because of the leaves. I will wipe all 100+ of my babies down this week just to make sure. Can't have anything get on my...🤦🏿‍♀️ 8...ish new plants coming soon including my Plant Proper order!!
@AwesomePlants yes! That would not be fun! Can’t wait till you get your plants!

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