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propogating monstera
hi! so i have here these monstera clippings a friend gave to me today. i've never owned a monstera, but they are one of my favorite plants. I have had them sitting in water for the past hour until I got home. I'd like to know how to propagate them, and if these cuttings are even viable. thank you #PropagationStation #Monstera #PlantAddict
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@rynroxx they're good nodes. And that first one has some good aerial roots!

this is all to say they have chance!

and you can just kinda lay them on top or surround them. the key is just to keep moisture around the node but not let the stem get super wet.
do you have any sphagnum moss or perlite or leca
@RJG maybe some sphagnum moss but very little
Sphagnum moss made damp would be best sealed up in some Tupperware in a sunny, warm spot.
@RJG alright. are those cuttings good? i saw somewhere that i should make a cut under the node. how do i know when to repot it and how to take it out of the moss? should i surround the roots completely with the moss?
Place it in a cup of water clear glass make sure roots are below water and nothing else’s is below that place near a window where it can get light let roots grow too 6inch at most before potting it … make sure water doesn’t evaporate should only take 2 weeks keep a eye on it
@RJG thank you so much! I'm so excited, monsteras are so gorgeous and i'm excited to have my own little plant.
@rynroxx technically no but yes I see roots but there not long enough there’s no physical leaf or stemοΏΌοΏΌ so that isn’t good but it should work mite take longer
@rynroxx good luck!
@rynroxx here’s mine
@RJG does this look good? i'll put the lid on it if so! also should i add rooting hormone?
@rjg just leave it in water. In a couple of days it'd sprout.
@rynroxx yep that looks great!
@sijuadekings @RJG okay! i have one in water and one in the moss! thank you guys for your help.
@rynroxx @RJG is always right. Wishing you luck and happy growing. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ±

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