Posted 2w ago by @FabRubbercup

Weird stuff on the roots
I’m growing this avocado and I’m starting to see this white build up on the roots. Anyone know what it is ? Is my avocado gonna be ok ? #Avocado #help
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
@kscape taught me it's totally safe and normal! It has to do with oxygen and part of the natural process! As she says: anything that will want to harm your plant doesn't happen in the water! You're good 😊

Welcome to Greg!
@PlantMompy ooooo wow 😯 that’s so interesting, I’m so glad lol looked scary πŸ˜…
@PlantMompy awesome I was so worried too!!!!
@AshleysEvrgreen righttttt it’s unnerving

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