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Chinese money plant
My Chinese money plant is growing weird and the circles are becoming more oval and warped. What's wrong with it?! πŸ€”
It could be over or under waitering. Have you had any changes to your watering schedule?
@PlantyPlanter Possibly have been overwatering it I suppose. Sometimes the leaves begin to turn black in spots and then just fall off so was maybe wondering if it was root rot but I literally just repotted it 2 weeks ago πŸ€”
@LBFroggle If you just repotted it recently the β€œweirdness” might just be that! Some plants are under the weather for a few weeks after being repotted. It’s in the sun on your pic. Is it just for the photoshoot? It will do better in indirect light. Mine did better when I started watering less often, letting the soil dry quite a bit in between watering. And I moved it closer to the light and now it’s growing very leggy, toward the window (it’s lower than the window).
@BeesZenGarden It was doing the weird leaf thing before I repotted it which is why I repotted it but maybe I will try moving it to morning sunlight instead of afternoon sunlight so it's more indirect sunlight as well as less watering πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ hope he doesn't get too stressed from being repotted 2 weeks ago and now being moved to a different light 😬
This is what the leaves look like when they start to fall off
These are the leaves that are more oval and warped. Are there any pests that could be causing this?
@LBFroggle Honestly I don’t know cf the pests. πŸ€”πŸ˜• But I’ve had a few leaves looking like the one on your picture. I repotted, watered less and moved closer to the light. And haven’t seen dark leaves since. I would try more light and if you still see blackish leaves I would check the roots.
Mine looks kind of warped too, no?… πŸ€” I think they’re just reaching for the light. They look healthy to me… Lol
@LBFroggle Mine look kind of warped since I moved them close to the window. They have been growing super fast all of a sudden and I think that’s why. Before they were more flat but growing rather slowly (north west window and not next to it, now they’re next to a south east window).
@BeesZenGarden I also moved mine a little closer to the window after repotting it and it's been growing ALOT. I wondered if the new soil and brighter light was causing it to grow faster than the leaves could withstand, hence the "warping"? It's always been in my southwest window but now moved it to my northeast today and am going to try softer longer light and see what that does! I'll keep this posted with results in a few weeks πŸ€—
@BeesZenGarden your money plant looks beautiful! Your leaves are very green and I agree, I think it looks healthy, "warped" leaves and all πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
@BeesZenGarden do you rotate your money tree often?? I started to rotate mine when I watered and that could also cause the "warping" too possibly?
@LBFroggle I do rotate regularly, when all the leaves seem to be facing the same way… but I always did. πŸ™‚ To me it looks like the warping might be caused by the growth spur. Maybe with time they will flatten again…
@BeesZenGarden Hmmmm... I'm not too sure what's causing it, could be a million things! I feel better knowing that someone else is having the same "issue" and it looks healthy too! I plan to keep an eye on my baby and just hope for the best πŸ€—
@LBFroggle Yes, I think yours looks healthy too so let’s enjoy our warped beauties… Lol

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