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Just Arrived - Smashed
#PonytailPalm I was waiting for this one with such anticipation but on unboxing, I found that the stick meant to keep it from sliding into the top of the box had snapped and yeah, it clearly made repeated, violent contact with the top. It's smashed. If I take good care of this little buddy, will it grow new leaves? How long will it take, on average? Is there anything I can do to speed new growth? Thanks a million!
8” pot with drainage
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Oh no! I hate that your plant got hurt but I'm dying over the name 🀣

Once it's had a chance to settle in it'll show you which leaves need to be trimmed and which ones can remain. But with good care it will sprout new ones.
I know I shouldn't laugh, but as someone with curly hair that bought a ponytail palm for that reason, I cannot help but relate to yours on most mornings πŸ˜‚

And the name πŸ˜‚

I agree, let it get settled and you can see which leaves are damaged and which will be just fine! Especially if it's only leaves that were damaged I'm sure it'll keep growing in no time!
Thanks for the help and reassurance. A branch broke off and I'm wondering if I could try growing it in some cactus soil? No harm in trying, right? I just don't know if I should slice off the dry end or go with it as it is..?
As long as the leaves are attached which is what it looks like, I think it will be perfectly fine. It will plump up and grow new leaves too that are at the normal angle. It actually looks healthy to me. These are pretty resilient, as long as they get a lot of light.
@AC73LoveCats Thanks so much for your comment. It did lose a branch which I stuck in dirt just in case it might root. I've got it in a shaded, West-facing window with a deep porch protecting from direct sun. The whole room is flooded with light from a skylight but this is a lucky spot for ailing plants. It doesn't seem to have much room in it's pot, but it's been through enough that I won't move it unless someone like you, who really knows these plants, says it's for the best. I see no change in condition which may mean it's stabilizing, I hope! You saying it looks healthy is the best news I could hope for. If you've got any further advice, I'm wide open to it! Thank you!
I don’t think a leaf will root. The only other thing I will mention is that in the summer, I take mine outside once the night temp is consistently above 50. I put it at the edge of a patio with a roof, so that it is in direct sun most of the day, and it loves that. I am taking it out tomorrow. I keep it out til it starts to get cold at night again, in October. It looks so healthy during the summer, and seems to thrive during the winter after storing up all the sunlight. In the winter I have it close to a south facing window, practically right up against it since beyond it is the roofed patio. So once yours does some healing in the bright room you may want to consider getting it gradually into outside sunlight, for the summer. That fits my ponytail, Austin, perfectly, and he is an old gentleman of 45, almost as tall as I am at this point. Obviously your new one is much loved, which will definitely help!
@AC73LoveCats I think I missed the boat on keeping Dad Does outside - we're already in the high 90s - low 100s here in Tucson. But maybe in the fall? She's got the prime spot in front of the window on the Counter Of Healing. I finally worked up the courage to cut away dead foliage and now she looks punk rock! It was a whole branch that had broken off and the leaves were still lively so I plunked it in some dirt and am keeping it moist. The leaves are still perky though there's no sign of new growth. The worst that can happen is it dies - which it would have done had I tossed it. We bought this house in December and I'm getting my workshop ready and that room has even more light than the great room. Widows face every direction but on the North side are shaded by the patio. I'm thinking Dad Does might really like a spot facing South once I'm spending more time in there. She had such a rough journey, she deserves the best now that she's home. Oh! Speaking of home - I would like to repot her - she's got less than an inch of soil around her trunk. But I obviously don't want to stress her too much, too quickly. What would you suggest? A move to the brighter room first or some leg room? Or just one or the other? Neither? She's got a few weeks before I'd be able to consider moving her to my workroom... Anyone who can keep a 45-year-old plant is worth listening to. Thanks so much!
@Paradox I am sorry, I just now found and read your comment, (June 19). I wouldn’t worry about repotting first, they don’t really seem to care about when that happens, but light and the tropical heat you mentioned sounds like it would be ideal for Dad Does. You might start outside with mottled or partial shade/half or more sun and then into full sun if she tolerates it well in that heat, but, that heat actually sounds good for her. After all, their origin is tropical. Here, Austin is outside for the summer and usually in 80s heat, tho it can be lower or higher. Around here, it becomes a heat emergency if it gets into the upper 90s but when we have a heat wave Austin and most of my plants that I take out for the summer, absolutely love it.
@AC73LoveCats No worries, Jane! Your timing is perfect. We're having our first monsoon storms so it's a bit cooler and far more humid outside. The sun does peek through between storms, but I'll put Dad Does in a safe spot on the porch. I wouldn't want her toppled by the wind! She is doing much better with lots of new growth. Still lopsided, of course. She lost a whole branch and most of the foliage on one side... Maybe she's more like Kid Cuts Her Own Hair?

The branch is still green and fresh feeling in the soil - no idea if it rooted or if it's the longest-lived cut flower of all time. No new growth, but no new death... It's a side experiment.

I'm going to put her outside now and give my dad a call... Thanks for everything!
@Paradox Kid Cuts Her Own Hair……Ha!! Now I get what you meant by rooting an entire branch. I thought you meant just a leaf. If your branch continues to look good, then you may have started a whole new plant, and congratulations! I am glad Dad Does is doing so well. This weekend I am planting a few new impatiens, tending my inside-outside plants, and taking care of my tomato garden. As well as my annual and perennial gardens. Nothing but fun and the night comes too soon!