Posted 2M ago by @ChirpyMungbeans

Soil looks very dry and tips at the bottom are damaged, w...

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@nellz4estfairyz @ChirpyMungbeans I agree. Adding something to help the soil to drain can help! Perlite or orchid bark, or both!
Hi! @ChirpyMungbeans From looking at the soil it looks very dense. If you just watered it that should help also, but maybe it’s time for a repot? Or is this already recently repotted? Do you know what type of soil is in the pot?
It is a recent repotting. Apollo was purchased
March 3rd. I just used soil from my back yard garden. I did water Apollo, it looks a lots better. Some of the dry bottom tips turned pink. It is below an overhead heat vent, perhaps I should water every 5 days not every 10. And change the soil? I would value your opinion. Thanks for your response.
Ok, thanks I will purchase perlite and orchid bark .I love the look of the plant so much. Thanks again 😊