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Where do I begin?!?!

Got a #Monsteraadansonii #swisscheesevine for Mother's Day, and I'm lost as to what to do. Pretty sure I need to prune some of the leaves, especially the yellow ones. Possibly repot it well. What soil is best? Do I need a moss pole? I'd prefer to hang it since I have dogs. How do I make this guy happy?
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What a great Mother's Day gift! That's an amazing plant. (:

I would indeed pick out the yellowing leaves, but I wouldn't repot it right away. Many times, the plants from the growers can live in their pots for a year or two before NEEDING to be repotted. But I would at least wait a few weeks or a few months to let it acclimate to your care.

That plant will LOVE some bright sunlight, but it doesn't want sunlight directly on its leaves. direct sun will cause the leaves to yellow faster.

A moss pole will allow the plant to climb and the leaves to get even bigger, BUT I think it also looks amazing as a hanging plant!
Oh! And some folks swear by Happy Frogs potting mix if you can find it. (:
Beautiful! What a lovely large plant.

Just snip the yellow leaves off and give it a bigger pot. It can hang perfectly fine! You can make your own tropical mix of regular compost, something to aid drainage like perlite, pumice, charcoal and maybe some bark. Or you can buy some premade soil mixes, philodendron mix would work fine for it or any tropical mix.

Gently remove the soil, you don’t have to be too aggressive just get off as much as you can without damaging roots. It looks quite root bound by what I can see so it may be difficult to remove soil, don’t worry too much.

Also have a look for pests before having it near other plants 😊
@Peachyhoyas I have leca clay pebbles that I use for the bottom of most of my plants when I repot. Would those work?
Also, are there any types of moss poles you all recommend? I got one from Amazon for my my other monstera. I also have bamboo sticks that I use to test the soil moisture
@mandoosgreens leca works! I don’t personally mix it into my soil mixes but people do use it in their soil mixes.

Also about moss poles, I buy the plastic sheet moss poles that you fill with moss and slot the clips on them together. I find amazon to be cheaper for them here. I use them sparingly though because watering moss poles is the bane of my existence πŸ˜‚
@mandoosgreens I have found that the cococoir poles work well. The adamsonii’s air roots love to nestled into the pole.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is over time, the bottom can rot and break.