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Dry soil good or bad?

Hi. Seems as though the soil is drier in between waterings from the suggested waterings on Greg. I’m wondering if anyone has had any issues with this and suggests watering more frequently? οΏΌThank you.
4ft to light, indirect
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Hi Latasha!
This could be a few things.

1. Greg uses the information on your plant card to get about 80-90% of the way to the perfect watering schedule. Then it completes the schedule by using the data each time you "snooze" or "water" your plant. So it may just need some time to finish tweaking.
2. Seasonal changes. Depending where you are in the world your plant may need more water. This can result from lots of light in the summer or really dry air in the winter.
3. Your soil could be hydrophobic (doesn't hold water). If you notice water runs out the bottom as soon as you water it, that's likely what is going on. If it's growing season you can repot. If you don't want to you can either bottom water it for a reallllyyyy long time (until the top looks damp) or fully submerge the entire pot until it stops having air bubbles.

Hope this helps! Happy growing!
@PlantMompy thank you that’s helpful unfortunately I don’t have a way to feed it from the bottom although it does have drainage so I shouldn’t have to worry about overwatering it, hopefully. Do you know if the soil should be fairly moist after the first couple days of watering it seems like the next day it’s dried out. At least the first couple inches. Totally hear you on the seasonal changes. It is winter and dry AF. οΏΌ
It all depends on your soil and how much you are watering. I have some really chunky mixes and when I water them (they are in clear pots) it looks like it runs through and nothing looks moist. I have other soils where it usually does for a day, two tops but I wouldn't say longer than that. I would actually be more worried if the top of your soil looked moist longer than that.

So, SO dry. I actually have to water my plants more in the winter because my house gets so dry 🫠
@PlantMompy awesome. Ok this soothes me at least for now as I monitor. I used to have a tendency to over water. So could be that old me too. πŸ©·πŸ™
Totally! It sounds like you're checking your soil so just be sure to keep doing that and you'll be just fine!
Maybe try adding more water during watering time?
I just joined about a week ago and I had the water me on my dwarf umbrella today. It said 1/2 a cup. I did water more than 1/2 cup. I know it needs more than that.