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In recovery!

#BirdsNestFern hi, lovely folks! I overwatered my fern and it lost loads of leaves. I’ve taken it out of the pot and let it dry out. I repotted with drainage in the bottom. Is there anything else I should do?
Thanks πŸŒ±πŸ’š
7ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 days ago
You did what I would have done. I have two bird nest ferns I rescued and I water them when the top soil is almost dry and both of their pots have good drainage. I am getting ready to set them outside during warm weather but I only do so under a porch with indirect sunlight. The sun scorches their leaves. They get a good burst of growth during the spring and summer. Best of luck! They are beautiful plants!
@PlantHapppy thank you! I hope it revives. I love the textures of ferns!
@PivotalDionysos Keep us updated!
I wouldn’t think so. Just a suggestion, water meter. Best thing I have done for my house plants lately. I had realized some things I was overwatering and other not enough because you stick finger in only an inch down but the soil maybe wet on further down in the plant and not need water quite yet!
@CourtlyKingfern I will look into the water meter… are the easy to find?
@PivotalDionysos I ordered off Amazon. I think I paid 15$
@PivotalDionysos Hey Rachel, all great advice about
So far as general care I find this article site useful when it comes to care of ferns or you can always watch this Suburban Sill video
I use this diagram to help me to know when its best to water as ferns prefer a soak and dry method and also good humidity and indirect light (which you can check with a light meter app on your phone eg Photone)
All the best but the worst is probably over now for your fern and you can enjoy caring for it, they come back well, I have a rescue fern that is growing new leaves where it hardly had any.