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PPP not so P
My pink princess hasnt put out any pink in her last 4 leaves. Shes healthy and growing pretty fast otherwise tho. What do yall usually do when this happens? I was thinking about chopping her above her last pink leaf and hoping for some more variegated new growth? Idk tho what do yall think? #PinkPrincessPhilodendron #pppproblems
Can you post a picture of the leaves and the stem? I think you have the right idea!
It has good stem variegation which is good! How much light is it getting?
@RJG she sits right next to a southeast window, so quite a bit. The only direct light she gets is in the morning for an hour or 2 tho
@RJG if i do chop her, do i let the top part i cut off root in water?
@Mayormccheese if we're going for the most shots at variegation again, I would chop off at where the variegation became minimal and then I would chop each node apart on the cutting. Then you'll have like 5 ppps.
@ForFoxSake or @jcPlantProper y'all have any other tips?
@RJG I like that idea. Sounds like the light is good too. Definitely cut it and root the others cause then you have that many more chances for a pinker plant and then you can add it to the one you have now for a fuller plant eventually
Truth is @Mayormccheese I think variegation just comes and goes with these. If you want mostly pink leaves then cut it. If most go dark they will eventually become pink again. The cutting back is almost psychological because these do whatever they want πŸ˜‚

Cutting it back will promote new growth though so it’s highly likely you’ll get a new pink leaf.
@ForFoxSake also would be a good candidate for the #ClubKeiki #MagicFoxPaste
@RJG yes absolutely. All plants should join #ClubKeiki
@RJG @jcPlantProper @ForFoxSake thank yall so much! I didnt even consider making more than one cut lol but thts a great idea. Def gonna try it!

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