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So I noticed the stem turned yellow after some over watering so will it come back or should I cut it? Also dealing with yellow leaves falling out so sad at least now I know to check the soil.
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The overwaters yellow stems won’t grow back so you should trim the off
Love this plant! When you water, is the soil all the way dry? Make sure it’s allll the way dry and saturate the soil. But only do it when the soil is try. They are very picky. Esp this Hoya cause the leaves are kind of thick and hold a lot of water. Just take off the yellow leaves though
That mirror really did a number on my brain until I finally realized what I was looking at! Lmao
Bad vibes...cut it offπŸ₯·πŸΏ
@WickedValkyrie yes sorry it really makes it look fuller 😍
I agree with @jcPlantProper. πŸͺ΄
@Fl_Foliage I too agree with @jcPlantProper I love I this plant.
@Marthamaywho92 Finally cut it off and started a little propagation πŸ₯³

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