Posted 4M ago by @GreenThumbGoal

Is there any chance she can be saved?? πŸ˜… Not sure where I...

5ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 months ago
Hi! You can start by cutting off all those dead, crunchy leaves. They won’t come back. To check if the plant is still alive, you can try cutting it back until you see moist, white or green tissue inside the stem. If you see that, it’s still alive and eventually can put out new growth if it’s given proper care. May take a while, sometimes they spring back and sometimes they take a long time. If you cut and only see dried out brown, it’s dead. Was this an over or under watering situation?
@BabeVila Thank you! Will definitely do this tomorrow. I thought it was an underwatering situation but unfortunately watering it more hasn’t seemed to help too much. I will check for the stem color!!
@GreenThumbGoal I love her name 🀭
@GreenThumbGoal before you cut, you might want to take the plant out of the pot carefully and check the roots. They should be whitish and plump. If they are brown and mushy then that is root rot. I will walk you through how to treat that if necessary, just tag me. If the roots look okay then just cut back the leaves to the growing point on the stem, this should stimulate more growth if the plant is still alive. Usually if the roots look good then there’s a good chance the plant will come back. I assumed it was an underwater situation and that’s why I said to cut back to see if there is any life inside the stem, but you may not have to do that if the roots are okay. If you want to snap a pic once you unpot it, before cutting anything except the dead leaves, and post it and tag me I can tell you what to do from there. πŸ’š