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Tips/Recommendations to keep this guy alive!
I understand this plant likes more humidity and already plan on creating an indoor greenhouse in a few weeks, but does anyone have any recommendations/tips to help this guy survive until then? I was using a humidifier near it, but produced too much humidity in my apartment. It’s currently in a self-watering planter and is on my windowsill to give it the best chance of survival. Thanks plant friends! #PurpleVelvetPlant
10ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
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@lexindoorjungle maybe @sarahsalith may have some ideas.

Velvet plant loves bright light and will thrive in front of a sunny window, though they like some protection from direct sun in the afternoon. The brighter the light, the deeper and richer the leaf color, and too little light can cause the plant's purple hue to disappear completely.
@KikiGoldblatt it is by my windowsill already, but it’s a north facing window, so I’m worried it’s not enough light.
Oh! My kiddo got me one of these for my birthday last year. πŸ’š

It's in a plastic pot (don't let the terra-cotta fool you) and I let the soil dry well between waterings. If Greg tells me to water the plant and the soil is still moist, I hit "snooze" and Greg will remind me in three days to check the plant.

My plant sits in a western window with a tall cedar tree sorta blocking direct light. οΏΌ

This plant will want to spread and flop so if you want it to stay bushy, you'll need to pinch off new growth.

You can also give it a trellis to lean against as it climbs.

This plant seems pretty easy to care for (I've had it for about 5 months) and I don't do anything special for the humidity ... but I live in Memphis and it can be 100% humidity and 100Β° and everybody feels like keeling over ... but the plants love it!
@lexindoorjungle I would give it more light- they'll get floppier and lose leaves if they don't have a lot of light. They are definitely bright light plants.
@sarahsalith do you recommended I put it under my grow light?
@lexindoorjungle absolutely! Especially if you're in the northern hemisphere and you have your plant in a northern window. Your plant will get much more light from a grow light than the window.οΏΌ
@sarahsalith okay, I will try that! Thank you! :)
Funny suggestion: if you like warm-hot showers, bring it in the room with you while you shower, so it can enjoy the humidity 🀭
@sarahsalith your purple passion is beautiful. I’ve never heard of pinching off the new growth to say bushy.
Thank you!!

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