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Looking for pot suggestions 🪴
I have a couple pothos cuttings and baby spider plants that I’m currently propagating. I’d like to plant them together in a tabletop pot.

First photo is the inspo, and second photo is a pot I found on Amazon.

Would a shallow pot like this work well for pothos and spider plants? I’ve only ever seen succulents in shallow pots so I’m wondering if the plants will have enough room for their roots.

Do you have any alternate pot type suggestions?

Thanks in advance! 🥰
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Best Answer
Both plants like being a little root bound so it very well may work but drainage is my concern. As long as their is drainage they should be ok.
As long as it has drainage they should do just fine in that pot (:
@WickedValkyrie @Jilliebeanstalk Thank you both! 😊 Yes the pot has drainage. Yay I’m excited to give this a try. ☺️
Yes go for it!!

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