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I thought the pups grew BESIDE the plant, not inside of t...

How will I ever separate them? I feel so lucky but also, I’m scared! I know the day isn’t here yet but I don’t want to have this be one of those situations where mom doesn’t make it out of childbirth 😢
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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Ashley, how awesome!! 🤩She’s clearly very happy!!
I have read a lot about this plant and they say not to remove the pups until they are at least 1/3 of the size of the mother plant.

Keep me posted! Mine is a longggg way away from removing the pups! Here’s a pic from when I bought mine. I bought 3 and gave 2 to friends. Up north people often throw these away at the end of summer 😢 as they’re difficult to maintain indoors in the winter. ❄️ They need that warm, sunny, humid weather like you have in FL! ☀️🏝
You can do it! 😏
@CourtlyKingfern thanks! Any idea how and when to separate them?
Reading up on this - Wait for the perfect moment before separating your Guzmania lingulata. Keep an eye out for when the mother plant’s flower is spent and the pups are nice and plump. That’s your cue that they’re ready to start their own journey. Gently remove the plant from its pot.
@FirstCeratiola Hi there!

It is exciting, right? Mine has one coming up next to the mother plant and I thought they were never going to come up! I think I’ve been watching and waiting for them for like 7 months! That was about when I cut the flower spike back as it had faded. Does your still have the flower stalk? I looked at the picture of yours in your oasis and it’s HUGE! And such a vivid flower! 🌺
@SunnyPlants she still has the flower stalk and she is huge colorful and thriving- no signs of deterioration. Those pups grew that big in a 30 day span. She’s a dream!