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Physan 20
Behold Paul the Powerful he just got back from the great Lowes war of the summer of 2022 and he’s getting used for science. I know physan 20 is awesome for making sure all bugs and eggs and algae die in orchids but will succulents tolerate being bottom watered with it? (1 teaspoon per gallon). What says ye greggers? #SucculentSquad #ScienceWithGreg
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@Lithopslover Isn’t Physan 20 a powerful multi-purpose Fungicide concentate that can be used to treat and stop a wide variety of plant diseases and pathogens on plants, surfaces and waterways....
Do you really want to water your succulents with it? Are your succulents infested with bug, algae or anything else?
@Ms.Persnickety they are not infested, but I routinely water my orchids with it once a month to make sure I don’t get algae or bugs, I am switching from bonsai jack soil (a very gritty soil) to miracle gro for my succulents and I heard miracle gro can have bugs in it, I am trying to see if I can kill the bugs so I don’t get gnats using physan 20, I’m ohly using it on Paul right now and I’m going to see if it kills him or not if it doesn’t then I’ll start using it once a month on everyone else
@Lithopslover Ob, I see you might want to address any concerns you have to the succulent expert @SirLiquorice and maybe join a Succulent group like #SucculentSquad that way more people will read your post. As for the Miracle Grow soil for Succulents I don’t think it’s fast draining enough. I have it, but I prefer a more grittier soil for my succulents. I’m also looking at the frequency with which one waters succulents vs Orchids and the possibility of getting gnats and or algae should be minimal, succulents in general prefer a much dryer environment than Orchids .I might be wrong, just thinking out loud!
@Ms.Persnickety your definitely right that orchids like wayyyyyy more humidity and water than succulents, I’ve declared war on gnats Paul might be a casualty of war in this case, im@new to succs and found bonsai jack killed every echeveria I grew it in while miracle grow seems to keep them alive, what soil are you using?
@Lithopslover I like to mix these two together and a bit of regular organic potting soil.
@Ms.Persnickety thank you
@Lithopslover No worries, anytime 👍

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