Posted 4M ago by @mora

Browning leaves on Mini Monstera
I just got this mini monstera today! I was super excited, but I got it home and realized that a lot of the leaves are browning or have purple-ish speckles on them. Please help!! #MiniMonstera #Monstera
This unfortunately looks like it has been badly burnt or has cold damage. Unsure where in the world you are, but it's either sun burnt, chemical burnt, burnt from being too close to a heat source of cold damaged 😞

The best you can do is chop off all damaged leaves as they won't recover. It will help the plant focus towards growing new growth than trying to heal what it cannot
4M ago
@foliagegirl This is so sad πŸ™. Thank you for the help!
@mora no worries. Sorry it's not the best news!
Agree that it looks like cold damage! Those leaves won’t recover, so just prune the affected ones and hope for the best 🀞
@mora I agree with @thefoliagegirl.

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