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What can I do for her πŸ₯Ί

0ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@Newplantmom44 looking at the photo and soil, I think it may be due to there being no aeration of the roots and maybe root rot.

When you don't have soil additions to help with drainage, water pools around the roots, the soil stays wet around the roots longer and the roots begin to rot.

Take a πŸ‘€ at the roots and check them out with the steps above. Add some perlite and bark, but minimum of at least perlite to help with drainage.
Welcome to Greg @Newplantmom44 !

That yellowing is because of the soil. It looks like there may be some root rot.

Grab some perlite and orchid bark (see photos). These can be found locally at #Walmart , #Lowes , #HomeDepot , or even on Amazon for about $7.

These are good to mix in whatever container/potting soil you use so that the soil is a little more chunkier, hrlps with drainage, and provides aeration so you don't get root rot.

Unpot the plant. Remove any yellow leaves. Remove any roots that are mushy or smelly. Spray the remaining roots with peroxide.

Look at the root size. You may need to repot in a smaller pot if you removed a lot of roots. There should be about 1-2" around the roots in the pot.

Once you repot, water and drain and put in a sunny, warm place (no direct sun).
Also, if there are no salvageable roots left, you can prop the stems.

Use clean scissors and cut above any mushy stems. Let the cut callous over for a few hours/a day.

You can put some perlite in a cup or container about 1/4, add the stems, then fill in more perlite. Add only a little bit of water at the bottom (water will wick up so just keep a small amount always on the bottom).

Place in a sunny warm place and you should eventually get healthy roots.
@AwesomePlants so it’s not from under watering ?
@AwesomePlants thanks I appreciate it
@Newplantmom44 you're welcome. If you need more help, take photos when you look at the roots and post. Your fellow #GregGang are always here to help.

Happy Growing! πŸͺ΄πŸ’š