Posted 1M ago by @KnightRedbanana

Should I stake this? #Dieffenbachia

I’ve been growing this guy from a leaf for over a year now and he’s starting to lean over. I don’t know much about these plants and was wondering if I should put a stake in it.
1ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Yes! You can totally stake it to give it some support ☺️ Just be gentle when adding one to minimize root damage :)
It looks beautiful! Yes you absolutely can (and should) stake it if it’s leaning too far. Moss poles with some tomato tape work wonders and look nice. Mine also do well with regular rotating, about a quarter turn a week, since they like to reach for the light.
you can, but i'll tell you, it's πŸ’― normal. i have had this guy for about eight years now
πŸ™Œ sorry just can't get over how beautiful he is!!