Posted 4w ago by @HyggeVibes

Cold Pothos:
I bought new Pothos yesterday, but forgot them in the car last night ( MI 27degrees), and now the leaves are soft and wilty.

I just gave them some water and have them hanging in the sunshine, albeit still cold.

They will bounce back, right? #PothosPack #GregGang #gregteam
To much heat wilts the plant it may need some water I'm not sure
So you may lose some leaves, but the car should protect it from fully freezing. Just give it some time but I bet it bounces back.
I’m sure they’ll recover :)
@HyggeVibes pothos are very amazing plants. They are almost indestructible. One they dry out pot them in a pot with drainage. Also make sure you use a good draining soil. I use one by Miracle Gro that helps keep you from overwatering and underwatering your plant. If you can get some perlite throw a handful lot a tad bit more into the soil and mix it together to help with irrigation.
@MischievousMoth would have been cold.
@RJG awesome. 🀞🏻
They are pretty hardy, give it some time to rehab and it shall bounce back
They died!!!! Liked cooked spinach- they died.
Maybe cut off all the dead greenery and see if the roots push out new growth. It sounds like you have little more to lose so hope for the desire of all thing to live to save the day. Sorry for your loss. Cutting foliage to the soil is definitely a strategy to get healthy looking growth if you don't like the way a newly acquired plant looks when you get it.
Let’s hope the roots send up some new growth. Sorry about what happened. 27 degrees is pretty cold for a house plant.

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