Posted 5d ago by @annapop

are these the same plant?
i know one is a philodendron birkin but the other one looks and feels different. they have two different stalks too.
Looks like it. A Birkin and some leaves that have reverted.
Wait... these leaves look longer.
@sarahsalith they are! and they feel thinner too, i’ll take some better pictures
Birkins come from Red Congos. Here's my mature Red Congo.

BUT here's an Emerald Green - you r leaves remind me more of that.
However- I also have different shaped leaves coming from my Birkin.
@AwesomePlants - you love philodendrons. What do you think? οΏΌ
@annapop Are you asking about leaves on the Birkin or is this another plant? Philo Millions kind of have the same leaf shape as Birkin without the variegation.
@AwesomePlants that looks like it! there’s a philo birkin and i think, a philo millions in the same pot together. do u know if they are compatible? they are both philos but do they need different watering or or sun?
@annapop Same care. Moderate indirect light, especially for the Birkin (no direct light). Water schedule should be the same as well. Water once top 2 inches are dry.
See? I knew you'd know, @AwesomePlants! πŸ’š
@AwesomePlants @sarahsalith thank you both so much!! you’re both amazingπŸ’š
@annapop My pleasure. Apparently mixing some philos is a thing. That's a good combo. I've seen some weird combos 🫣 from nurseries

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