Posted 4w ago by @PetMaylily

Help with my plant
I got this about a week ago and the leaves are starting to get really dry and crack, I’ve been keeping it moist and have it in a window sill, not sure what is happening. Thanks! #planthelp #helpaplant
Is it in direct sun?
@FigNewton it’s in the windowsill but it’s not in direct view of the sun.
It’s tough to tell. It could be overwatering as well if the soil is consistently moist. Some plants do like to dry out slightly before the next watering. What plant is this btw?
@FigNewton a Nerve Plant
Maybe too much sun and water? Have you tried moving him to a shadier or cooler spot.

I recently figured out it was the temperature harming some of my plants and not the sun itself so he could be just getting too hot even without direct sun.

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