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What are these?
I was repotting my prayer plant and saw these attached to the roots. Any ideas what they are? #prayerplant #calatheacrew #rootporn #greggang #greggers #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #plantmafia
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You have corms!! Your plant is happy and healthy, and if you ever want to harvest them, you can replant them to make new wee babies!
Root tubers or nodules.
@emmybee how do I do that?!?!?
They're root Tubers!
@emmybee I thought corms were more like, misshapen? Not so potato looking.
@RJG @Marthamaywho92 Ah, my mistake! I thought Calatheas were a corm plant. So, no replanting, alas - but still a very good sign that your plant is living its best life!
Those are root tubers! That’s where plants store extra water! Totally natural and good!
Noticed those on mine too when I repotted a few days ago. They look healthy
Yay, as long as my dramatic calathea is happy I'm happy lol! But, I did just repot it so I can only imagine it will be less than thrilled for a bit🀣
@Marthamaywho92 wow what a happy plant. @RJG your always right.
Root tubers!!! 😊 these were on my spider plant haha

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