Posted 1M ago by @TastefulBlusher

All of my leaves are turning upwards. Is this something I...

3ft to light, indirect
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
@TastefulBlusher hi Amanda…I guess this is your first Calathea or also known as a β€œPrayer Plant” LOL. The leaves of a calathea plant always turn upwards at a certain time of the day and will eventually drop back down. This is normal.
@YammieOf3 it’s not. My other prayer plants the leaves move up and down through out the day. This one has only been moving up over the last few weeks.
@TastefulBlusher does anything else look wrong with it?
Not particularly
@YammieOf3 not really, just want to make sure I don’t lose her. She’s my newest addition
Just all leaves up!
@TastefulBlusher it is one of the things I think is so cool with calatheas, they are really showing offπŸ˜„
Here is my Makoyana, just a few hours a partπŸͺ΄πŸ’š This is one of the signs that tell you they are thriving. If they stop to move they are probably a little sad about something (like too much or too little light, or too little humidity). If you just got her not long ago she is probably using some time to adjust to her new environment.
I have a couple different varieties of these and I love watching them move.